The struggle against terrorism cannot be helped by Western governments playing fast and loose with dictators and authoritarian regimes in the way Britain has done with Libya

Richard Norton-Taylor

Over a fortnight, Egypt blocked access to 21 news sites and severely curbed the efforts of NGOs. Is Sisi trying to draw his enemies out of hiding?

Amr Khalifa

No terror group could have executed on operation of this sort without the help of one or more state intelligence agencies

Richard Silverstein

For Jordan it is not clear that backing the Saudi-led isolation of Qatar is in its interests. Since Trump took office, Amman has lost its place in the regional order

Sean Yom

Saudi's remarks on Iran, the timing of the attack and the buildup of border militant groups all play a role

Maysam Behravesh

Saudi Arabia and UAE bit off more than they can chew once they took on Qatar, a country with vast wealth and powerful allies

David Hearst

This big-budget, female-directed hero movie has caused a ruckus on a variety of political fronts. Will you see it? Here are several factors to consider

Nada Elia

After recent protests, it's clear that Tunisians want the government to take action - but is this a fight against corruption or just a diversionary tactic?

Tarek Kahlaoui

Only a handful of MPs with Muslim backgrounds are standing for safe Tory seats in this week's election. But that's hardly surprising: the party gave up on policies that appeal to Muslims long ago

Peter Oborne and Alastair Sloan

Recent developments have put good ties between Pakistan and Iran under stress, something the Qatari-Gulf crisis will only fuel further

Kamal Alam and Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi