The Qatar-Gulf rift isn't about fabricated statements or a hacked website, but a battle to control regional order after the Arab uprisings. But will the Gulf destroy itself in the process?

Basheer Nafi

Some in Washington hope the US can cut off Iran’s regional influence in eastern Syria, but that’s a recipe for endless war

Julien Barnes-Dacey

Whispers abound about power grabs, comebacks and plots in the Saudi royal family. If they happen, they will have serious repercussions beyond the kingdom

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Last week’s terrorist attacks in Tehran dramatically highlighted the IS threat to Iran. But more worrying for Iran is a renewed offensive by the CIA

Mahan Abedin

With intensified electricity cuts, its biggest aid donor under pressure and many saying another Israeli offensive is imminent, the siege in Gaza has never been worse

Haidar Eid

Why did Sisi insist on taking such a political risk when he is so weakened domestically by security and economic failures?

Amr Khalifa

British diplomats pressed for Aung San Suu Kyi's release from house arrest. What about medical attention for Mohamed Morsi?

Peter Oborne

As the population in the Nile area rises, scientists warn that global warming will create extreme and unpredictable weather patterns. Is Egypt ready?

Kieran Cooke

Arguably the first modern travel book, Twain's The Innocents Abroad is a reminder to see beyond the words used to capture countries and people, a credo we need in an increasingly polarised world

Peter Speetjens

As each new batch of Beirut-happy articles purports to destroy preconceived notions about the Lebanese capital, loads more notions requiring destruction are created in the process

Belen Fernandez