It may appear that the Gulf rift has sparked a new regional order as countries have lined up with or against Qatar. But don't be surprised if today's alliances shift just as quickly

Eduard Soler i Lecha

Rather than endless elite-level discussions in Geneva or more alarming reports, those seeking to understand and improve the situation in Yemen should focus on local dynamics

Baraa Shiban

The American justice system should provide recourse for the families of civilians killed or injured by US drone strikes. A recent case in a US federal appeals court failed this test

Hannah Porter

When Kemal Kilicdaroglu reaches Istanbul, will his 250-mile protest march prove to be a significant act of activism or will it fall by the wayside?

Simon A Waldman

To Ahwazis, the discovery of oil and other resources has been a scourge that has resulted in the occupation and environmental degradation of their ancestral lands

Yasser Assadi

Many have speculated that one cause behind the Gulf crisis is Qatari support for the Muslim Brotherhood, but the history of the organisation in the countries behind the rift complicates this narrative

Courtney Freer

Khaliji Katch-Up, Season 36, Episode 6: That rift between Qatar and the others returns. How will it end?

Katie Miranda

Business ties between Israel and Saudi are flourishing even before a hoped-for rail corridor becomes a reality

Yossi Melman

Regional cooperation is needed to quell harmful and costly effects of sandstorms

Kieran Cooke

One experiment: What happens to two million human beings when they are deprived of electricity nearly all the time, day and night?

Gideon Levy