One of the most valuable US weapons to fight terrorism is good intelligence. But instead of building relationships with Muslim-majority countries, Trump's ban only burns bridges

CJ Werleman

Despite arrests, hate campaigns, death threats, harassment and suspension, Bahrain's only independent newspaper continued to hold truth to power - until now

Bill Law

On 5 July, Algeria celebrated the 55th anniversary of its independence, one that everyone thought was bound to happen. But archives show the event could easily have never happened

Malika Rahal

The sponsors of Egypt's 2013 coup threaten to use the same tactics on their disobedient Gulf neighbour, but the crisis this strategy has created will only spread

David Hearst

The situation in Srebenica is the exact opposite of that in Germany, which has fully acknowledged the Holocaust and apologised for the crimes committed by the Nazis

Peter Oborne and Alastair Sloan

The Lebanese army's raids of Syrian refugee camps in Arsal, paired with a PR visit to Hezbollah's museum, should raise questions about whether the institution has lost its moral high ground

Makram Rabah

Since his re-election, opponents have put intense pressure on Hassan Rouhani, but it is designed to highlight the boundaries of his second term, not set the stage to push him out

Mahan Abedin

As prospects for a rapprochement with Riyadh fade, Iran might decide that it has nothing to lose by opening a new front of confrontation in the regional proxy war with Saudi Arabia

Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi

The cold war between Russia and Turkey is well and truly over as they prepare to enforce a de-escalation zone in Idlib

Neil Hauer

Less than a year into his role, Pakistan's new army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, sets a fresh course for the country's defence diplomacy in the Middle East

Kamal Alam