Idlib province's Sinjar had its school shut down by al-Qaeda-linked rebels. Now its children are flooding back to classrooms

Peter Oborne

The US president's rejection of globalism and acceptance of supremacist nationalism could activate global economic fault lines

Taha Ozhan

A spate of high-profile military sackings over the summer has everyone talking - and guessing

Adlène Meddi

The Turkish president managed to visit Berlin without changing his general position and policies

Osman Sert

Israel has expanded the reach of its cultural theft beyond the historic borders of Palestine, to various Arab countries around it

Nada Elia

For the first time in their modern relations, neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia have a political pawn in Islamabad that they can manipulate

Kamal Alam

A Miss England contestant in a hijab has highlighted a difference in attitudes across the Channel in France

Hajar El Jahidi

The launch of a 'Counter-Islamophobia Toolkit' offers reason for hope at a time when racism is on the rise in many parts of Europe

Arzu Merali

It's time to admit that only a change in power dynamics will bring about a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict

Marcelo Svirsky

A win in November’s midterm elections would give Democrats an opportunity to check Trump’s previously unrestrained executive power

CJ Werleman