The annointed one is not a firefighter, nor a statesman. He will rule by iron fist, run erratic economic policies and likely light more fires in the region

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Contrary to media reports, Khuram Butt, one of the London Bridge attackers, wasn't a leader in Al-Muhajiroun. Nuances like this are critical to understand if we want to improve counter-terrorism strategies

Douglas Weeks

The aggressive move elevating Mohammed bin Salman as the next in line to the Saudi throne should send warning signs to Washington and London over a prince who wages wars on a whim

Jamal Elshayyal

For years, many conservative columnists have denied that Islamophobia exists. We must urgently consider whether there is a connection between their language and the insults, abuse and attacks on Muslims in this country

Peter Oborne

The Qatar-Gulf crisis is a battle rooted in the aborted first wave of the Arab Spring. So far, Arab despots have succeeded in curbing democratic change in the region, but their latest tactics come with much higher risks

Soumaya Ghannoushi

With calls for diplomacy and dialogue, Iran's response towards the Qatari-Gulf rift has been softer than expected. But its missile strike on Syria signals that it will play hardball if pushed

Maysam Behravesh

The Grenfell Tower fire is brutal proof of stark global inequalities. We are in the early phase of a systemic crisis, but, as in 1917, history appears to be speeding up

Joe Gill

With mainstream media that promotes Islamophobia and politicians rewarded for anti-Muslim stances, it is not difficult to understand why Westerners are becoming radicalised and carrying out acts of terror against Muslims

CJ Werleman

Rather than admit their methods haven't worked, pundits and scholars - often participants in unsuccessful peace talks themselves - push tired approaches that only keep Palestinians occupied

Ben White

With politicians who play nothing but lip service to the Palestinian cause, an economic elite that exploits them for cheap labour and corrupt leadership in refugee camps, Palestinians in Lebanon have been hung out to dry

Kareem Chehayeb