As tensions rise among the dominant powers in and around Iraq, the Kurdish call for independence will eventually come to the fore again

Mohammad S. Mustafa

If the Ahvaz attack has Saudi and UAE fingerprints, then their goal is likely for Iran to respond aggressively, which may force the US to act militarily

Trita Parsi

Tlaib’s expected election to Congress will only bring change if grassroots activists ramp up their efforts in tandem

Noura Erakat

Washington’s punitive measures are antagonising not only Turkey’s leadership, but also the entire government apparatus and parties across the political spectrum

Zeynep Koç

In a groundbreaking new book, author David Wearing explores the strategic value of Gulf Arab monarchies to British capitalism and the British state

Belen Fernandez

Having dispensed with the Islamists, leftists and liberals, it was only a matter of time before the Egyptian president would turn his attention to regime loyalists

David Hearst

Like indigenous North Americans, Palestinian refugees have two options: to remain permanently dependent in exile, or to assimilate into the social fabric of wherever they reside

Ahmad Moussa

The spread of cholera in central provinces has sparked renewed debate on sanitation conditions in Algeria. It is just one example of the government’s disastrous management of public space

Adlène Meddi

Despite the illusion that these modern preachers signal a religious renaissance, their discourse is no more than a new spin on an old recipe

Rania Al Malky

How a humanitarian mission to the Myanmar border exposed the brutal realities of ethnic cleansing

Nizar Dahan