IRGC’s missile strike on eastern Syria marks a significant shift in Iranian defence policy and sends multiple and bold messages to the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia

Mahan Abedin

The growing confrontation between the US and Russia in eastern Syria, combined with escalating tensions between Saudi and Iran, could spill over into conflict

Shahir Shahidsaless

Any sane person will immediately recognise that the list of demands handed to Qatar was not meant to be accepted

Galip Dalay

Jordan has maintained a cautious policy towards the Syrian civil war - by largely avoiding the violence that has spilled over into neighbouring states, it's a strategy that's paid off

Christopher Phillips

Qatar's position remains stronger than it might appear, with both funds to outlast blockade and friends from Ankara to Tehran, it may outplay its GCC foes

Christopher M Davidson

By encouraging Israel to cut Gaza's electricity, the PA has shamefully used the basic rights of Palestinians as bargaining chips in its struggle with Hamas

Sari Bashi

The media's coverage of terrorist acts perpetrated by women often distort their motivations. It's time female terrorist are given agency for their participation in violence

Nadine Sayegh

Hollande's legacy includes a dramatic increase in arms supplies to Gulf regimes but questionable results in Syria and on Palestine

Barah Mikaïl

The murder of the 24-year-old is the most recent in a spate of road rage killings involving assailants who thought they were above the law. Politicians should put an end to the days of wasta and impunity

Mona Alami

When King Salman and his son Mohammed came to power, there was hope of sorely needed leadership in the region. Instead, they may have fragmented it beyond repair

David Hearst