While the CIA spills torture secrets in grim detail, as the Belhaj rendition case shows, British bureaucrats scurry to conceal their role in war-on-terror abductions from the public

Cori Crider

Homes destroyed or occupied by Iraqi forces, a million displaced from their devastated city, while IS fighters disappear into thin air. This is what I heard when I visited Mosul

Mustafa Al-Dabbagh

Mohammed bin Salman proved useful for Russian-Saudi investment deals, but his elevation to crown prince, paired with the Qatar crisis, signals unwelcome changes in the balance of Gulf power for Moscow

Yury Barmin and Leonid Issaev

To prevent a return to the battlefield and win a durable peace, the Iraqi government must move quickly to address festering grievances and facilitate retributive justice

Crispin Blunt

BDS has achieved many significant victories. But this is one case where the final destination - not the empowering journey - is what matters most

Nada Elia

Key evidence in the case was kept secret - and so will evidence in the case of British intelligence and counter-terrorism cooperation with the US

Richard Norton-Taylor

Sir John Chilcot told the BBC that he believes his inquiry has led to changes in the government, but the system is still too easily manipulated by prime ministers with emotional convictions

Clare Short